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 Skilled manager of a web-development team of 20 front-end / back-end developers, experienced in Project Management, Account Management, Sales Management, HR Management. In February 2013 created a team of web-developers "M&BT", that provides outsourcing (fixed time/cost projects) and outstuffing (remote full-time) services. The team grew from 2 enthusiastic developers to 20 in 1,5 year. We have wide experience with different clients (private, corporate, government) across the world (USA, Europe, Russia). Our team is located in Sochi, Russia. We are able to fulfill needs of our clients in front-end and back-end development of any level of complexity, having 2 CTO\'s (senior developers) both in front-end and back-end development. We have wide experience in development of different kind of projects, from simple websites to e-commerce, social networks, hosting cms, browser games, corporate portals and online market solutions. Managed by 3 efficient project managers via "Trello", our team avoids any chaos in the process of development, as well as bad quality of code, thanks to regular code review by 2 CTO\'s. We are very interested in mutually-beneficial cooperation with reliable clients, who seek for high quality work at adequate price and reliability. Herewith, being not afraid of remote work (we started as a remote team in 2013, and from the mid of 2014 we work both remotely and full-time in the office, having necessary experience in management of both outsourcing and in-house development). As a client you will be able to track the progress of development in real-time via PM-system "Trello", as well as to perform technical control of the code quality via github commits history.

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